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Rack pricing is a common method in the fuel industry where fuel suppliers sell bulk quantities of fuel to various customers, including smaller oil companies.

Refinery main pipeline and filling station, typical scene inside refinery.Fuel(oil) tanks

Access reliable supply at competitive pricing


Become a wholesale customer and benefit from bulk purchasing


Be part of a larger distribution network


Get regular updates on market conditions


Bulk quantities with the intention of resale


Options: Bulk purchasing and long term supply agreements


Transportation to move fuel more efficiently and cost effectively


Flexibility with the changing market


Terms that allow for continuous supply while managing risk

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By working with larger fuel companies through rack pricing, smaller oil companies can access a reliable supply of fuel at competitive prices. This arrangement benefits both parties, allowing for efficient distribution, cost-effective transactions, and a streamlined supply chain in the fuel industry.

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Competitive Pricing + Credit Terms = Partnership

We maintain a competitive edge by strategically pricing our products and collaborating with customers to establish credit terms that guarantee a seamless and uninterrupted supply chain, all while effectively managing financial risks within the partnership.

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