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Passing Credit Card

Credit Application Terms and Conditions

TAXES: Any and all applicable federal and state taxes and fees will be invoiced by S. J. Fuel South Co., Inc. Customer agrees to pay all Taxes and fees so invoiced. Upon presentation of a valid license S. J. Fuel Co., Inc. will not collect the applicable tax and the customer will accept full responsibility for such tax.


• I authorize the release of all credit and bank information necessary to process this credit application.


• Seller reserves the right to remove and recover any petroleum products that have not been paid for, in full.


• All invoices are billed on a gross gallon basis.


• I (We) hereby agree to pay within the terms granted me by S.J. Fuel South Co., Inc. Any balances which remain unpaid 5 days beyond terms shall accrue simple interest of 21% APR compounded monthly.


• The undersigned will indemnify SJFS, its divisions and subsidiaries for reasonable attorney's fees, court costs, and other legal expenses incurred by SJFS in enforcing this agreement.


• This agreement will be construed under the laws of the state of New Jersey and venue shall be in New Jersey, the location at which payment is to be made.

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